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Thanks to the « CRM & Sales » module, you organize the entire process.

  • Create quotes and personalized sales documents and control their follow-up.
  • From the first contact with your prospect until the signing of the contract, have an effective follow-up.
  • Manage your appointments, phone calls or upcoming tasks.
  • Synchronized with stocks, sales representatives are informed in real time of the availability of products.
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Thanks to the « Purchasing » module, you manage the process from purchasing the offer to the invoice.

  • Switch from order to invoice in a few steps.
  • SUNEVIT automatically generates purchase proposals based on previously provided information (minimum, maximum, security stocks …).
  • Send your orders directly from the system and manage your lead times.

The « Production & Stocks » module offer advanced functionalities for rigorous monitoring of production and tools adapted to quality control.

  • You have a simplified view of the workload with clear indicators.
  • Your employees have follow-up cards indicating the next operations to perform and you have Gantt tables, giving you a global view of your production.
  • With production forecasts, spread the load of your annual production in just a few clicks.
  • Analyze your inventory, have effective tracking with serial numbers, and add value to your products through systematic quality control.
  • Cost price calculation automatically.

Calculate, Evaluate, Pay or Manage Salaries: SUNEVIT meets all the requirements of modern payroll software.

  • Quickly calculate and issue your payslips directly in SUNEVIT.
  • Effectively manage the absences (holidays, illnesses, holidays …) of your employees thanks to a calendar view.
  • Your employees enter expense reports and request their approval from their manager.
  • Enter the times per project and bill through the « timesheet » module.

The « Accounting » module meets the Tunisian accounting requirements and offers a range of advanced tools that can cover the needs of the most complex.

  • Get an overview of your open invoices, set up credit limits, manage and send your payment reminders in a few clicks.
  • Control your depreciation and create cross budgets through cost accounting.
  • Have clear indicators and reports on the state of your company.

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