The loss informs build that he utilizes a really love potion also known as “cool icy Medina” which makes females like your

The loss informs build that he utilizes a really love potion also known as “cool icy Medina” which makes females like your

Lest we become as well involved when you look at the lyrics in the song, permit us to not forget the hefty respiration on the music, the non-native trial, as well as the role where build says “break it all the way down” and next to nothing takes place. And there is cowbell involved.

I would like to expound my personal opinion on precisely why Tone Loc’s “cool Cold Medina” is among the ideal songs ever produced.

The tune begins with Tone in a bar neglecting to attach. He sees that some loser gets many women.

What is the very first thing build does once this stranger offers him this fantastic like concoction? Build brings they to their canine. Your dog next humps Tone’s knee. This would not my personal first option for the usage of the enjoy potion.

In verse 3, build utilizes the Medina with an attractive girl the guy fulfills at a bar that turns out to be one in drag. Contrast this to this rap tunes: hip hop artists today boast how lots of women they sleep with, and discover build stating that the guy located a man in drag attractive.

He does not go directly to the remove dance club or even the school collection, he continues on a game show in which he can satisfy ONE lady. The guy takes their craigslist hookup sex go out into Hilton.

Despite in ownership for this great appreciation potion that attracts people to your, Tone after that decides to carry on enjoy relationship in verse 4

His go out next begins talking about creating a marriage with build, apparently as the Medina got a touch too powerful. Build mentioned that she relocated too fast so the guy ditched this lady.

Now, I would personally believe that he would have had intercourse using the girl exactly who covers the wedding. Your whole song concerns build’s failure to copulate, the reason why would not he get this lady to a room and also sex with her? isn’t really that best reason that people speak about wedding ideas in any event?

At the conclusion of the tune, i am however mislead on who is expected to take in the Medina. The chap who provides the Medina to Tone states that Medina is going “in your own glass;” this is simply not a tune about slipping medications to women. But once build offers it to his puppy, the dog humps Tone’s knee. Would not providing the Medina toward canine render Tone should hump the dog?

Let us test. Tone gets magical love concoction, utilizes it with (1) his canine, (2) a guy in drag, and (3) a ready woman which he ditches. Inside Hilton.

Lest we obtain too involved during the lyrics of the track, permit us to remember the heavier breathing around audio, the Foreigner sample, plus the component where build says “break it down” and next to nothing occurs. So there might be cowbell engaging.


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