Among the company’s references in the field of Automation Cabinets, we can mention some in the following sectors:


Livestock Feed Factory CCGC

  • Protection and Automation Cabinet
  • Control and Supervision Control Panel

CIM Livestock Feed Factory

  • Protection and Automation Cabinet
  • Control and Supervision Control Panel

Livestock Feed Factory in Djerba

  • Protection and Automation Cabinet
  • Control and Supervision Control Panel


New South Quarries

  • Protection and Automation Cabinet
  • Control and Supervision Control Panel

The missions range from wiring simple control electrical boxes (pushbutton boxes, measurement device panels, motor starter panels) to industrial automation electrical cabinets controlled by PLCs and HMIs

Automation Cabinets for :

  • Machines
  • Industrial Units
  • Boiler Control
  • Air Conditioning Control
  • Regulation
  • Control Panel

• And many other configurations, choices, and possibilities.


ECLAIR is an LLC company with a capital of 300,000 TND, established in January 1999.

ECLAIR is located in Sfax, between Taniour Road and Gremda Arcade Road, Km 11.

First and foremost,ECLAIR has a production site with a total area of 700 m², an administration and a design office occupying 165 m², a workshop occupying 300m², a warehouse occupying 200m², and a cafeteria occupying 35m².

In this facility, a team of professionals and technicians carries out the design, conception, and wiring of electrical panels tailored to the needs of its customers, as well as automation, maintenance, and energy management.

Finally , Eclair offers its customers the opportunity to carry out projects following national and international standards, and it guarantees excellent after-sales service.

With extensive experience and expertise, the engineers and technicians of the company handle the design, conception, wiring, and commissioning of these products.

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