Energy Management

Energy Management and Energy Efficiency

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Eclair designs solutions to help clients from all sectors, including energy-intensive industries, reduce both their energy consumption and energy costs.

Energy Management System

Implementing an energy management system allows an organization to continuously improve its energy performance, achieving long-term energy and cost savings. This approach is based on behavioral and operational changes at all levels of an organization.


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Energy Management System Architecture Guide

Energy Management System Products


Implementing an energy management system enables substantial energy savings while raising awareness of the importance of energy management throughout all levels of an organization. The organization’s culture itself is transformed, and energy waste is reduced.

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  • Integrate multi-source energy data you already have onto a single interface. Collect additional data remotely and enhance your existing data with connected sensors.
  • Visualize energy consumption in all your buildings from your web interface, available on PC and mobile. Quickly identify deviations and potential optimization sources.
  • Real-time monitoring and control
  • Energy efficiency optimization actions driven by data